Major Food CPG R&D team uses Diana AI to track progress of major projects.

The need for data analytics is critical in every industry. Organizations and users benefit from simple and intuitive solutions that help them get the answers to questions immediately.. Keep reading to learn more about how Diana AI customers increase data driven decision making within their organization.

Understanding the status of major projects is critical for R&D teams. Leadership and teams ask for reports they need, typically with minimal lead time. Data specialists spend many hours if not days to extract data and build the analysis for teams. As you can imagine, there is a significant delay between asking for insights and receiving them.


A Fortune 100 company is adopting Diana AI to empower their team to quickly track progress on major projects by allowing users to ask their own questions, through easy to understand visuals. Teams can now look at project costs, employee headcount and project status by simply asking questions and receiving answers in minutes instead of the hours it would take with traditional methods.

"“We brought down the response time from 2 - 3  hours a question to 2 mins”"

Diana AI made querying data no more difficult than asking a question, and instantly returns data in the form of a visualization, which the user can further query. So you literally have a conversation with the data. In other words, end users don’t have to know about databases, SQL or spend time training with tools to get the answers they need to get up-to-the minute Data insights.


Diana AI is also simple to implement with no need for infrastructure or additional data storage, making time to value hours or days and not months or years.

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Geeta Banda