How a leading Insurance company is building their Data Driven Sales team.

 Managing Sales with Search and NLP driven Analytics .

One of our fantastic customers, is a provider of insurance and reinsurance products and services to general business, corporate, government and individual clients, with a broad range of products and services.

The company realized the need for a simple tool to help streamline the sales and operations departments and get teams to base key business decisions on data and truly drive data driven culture within the organization. So he made it a priority to ensure everyone had instant visibility into their data. Unfortunately, it was difficult for employees to get immediate answers, without extensive training to learn a new query language or a new tool. The team used multiple BI tools— including Tableau, and QlikView—to try and get visibility into their data. Unfortunately, because these tools were too complex for the non-technical users to use, they relied heavily on the data teams to produce reports for them.

Company realized the need for a simple tool to help streamline the sales and operations departments — it was no longer okay to spend days or months generating a pre-canned dashboard or reports and delaying decision making. 

“Diana AI is helping our sales and marketing teams answer their own questions in minutes.”

Driving Business with Data

With Diana AI, business users in Marketing, Sales, and operations now have instant visibility into sales quotas, campaign performance, hit ratio and claims records. The sales team, for example, is now able to analyze hit ratio and identify top performers to improve conversions.

Now employees across the organization can accurately measure how their programs and products are performing and quickly make data-driven decisions, instead of waiting.

With access to NLP driven analytics, business users at this Insurance company are asking 1,500 questions a week. Teams have been able to increase productivity and streamline operations at all levels of the business.

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Geeta Banda