Sales Kryptonite 

There are many stereotypes about sales and sales professionals. Admit it 4 or 5 just ran through your head after reading that sentence.

From my biased (I’m in Sales) opinion, many of these stereotypes have become exaggerated through the years and though good for a laugh aren’t generally true. If you look closely enough you’ll find a successful salesperson's most important trait is a focus on the success of their current or potential customer.

They strive to understand your business needs and assist in evaluation of their platform, tool, or widget. This process takes thoughtful discussions, planning and follow through. Done properly this process takes TIME. Regardless of profession, time is arguably the most valuable resource we have. So with quotas to hit and forecasts to manage a sales professional’s Kryptonite is wasted time. I personally fight my natural urge to procrastinate daily so I have legitimate fear of any task I can’t do efficiently. Based on experience one such task that crushes efficiency in most sales teams (I know...stereotype) is pulling or analyzing data.  

"My standard reports and dashboards are useful but Diana provides the ability to problem solve with my team in the moment by providing actual Answers to our impromptu questions.  "

- VP of Sales, MarTech 

To be fair, though I'll never be confused with a data scientist. I truly love what data uncovers, the assumptions it contradicts and what can be learned. What I HATE is figuring out how to access the data I want, in a format that is useful, in a timely manner. My standard sales dashboards generally leave me with more questions than answers and trying to query the data I want or build a new dashboard inevitably leads to hours of my day evaporating and frustration setting in as I realize I'm no closer to the answers I desperately need. Or I spend hours talking to the analytics teams to give them my requirements and wait. Countless times I've wished for the day cloning data analysts was a possibility, enter Diana AI...

Diana AI is a Voice enabled and Search driven Analytics tool. Meaning anyone can query, and create charts, graphs and insights directly from raw data, in the same manner you’d ask an analyst with the added benefit of having your answers in seconds.

Sales teams solve most problems by asking questions and listening to the answers. Diana brings this same process to enterprise data, by making it possible for business users to query and interact with data in the easiest way possible.

We believe that analytics should be as easy as asking a question. No coding, no training, no waiting, JUST ASK.

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Ryan Joy
Head of Sales